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All Diamonds Pass our Proprietary Inspection Filters. There's never been a way until now to ensure high level screening evaluating characteristics not mentioned on GIA certificates or a way to measure levels of brilliance and light performance on demand so we developed our own DIAMONDFAX Certification.

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Although Mavilo has one of the largest in store GIA Diamond inventories we have leveraged our proprietary technology and taken it to the next level. Providing a state of the art IN-STORE Virtual Diamond Search option never seen before!! Your gemilogical concierge.

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Our Diamond Think Tank is the most
comprehensive, proprietary educational
in-store APP in the business BAR-NONE!

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Christy Q. "We visited 5 well known & heavily advertised jewelry stores… I wanted to go with the NY designer… UNTIL I FOUND MAVILO… THANK GOD I DID!!...we got an incredible education specifically on oval cut diamonds and learned things no one else mentioned at any of the other places... we ended up going for a custom made ring… they created a computer image and printed a 3D wax to try on… the ring came out ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING..."

Leonard S. "Mark O. the founder assisted me by taking a great deal of time to help me understand their diamond sourcing process and the tools used to make it all possible… I am now the world's GREATEST fiance' Lol because they helped me find the perfect ring!!! We are absolutely thrilled with the quality of the ring, quality of service, and the price...Thanks!"

Conrad P. "I choose Mavilo because of all the positive reviews that already exist. To me, that is a true testament of a good business. Upon entering the establishment, I was immediately greeted and helped. The entire staff was knowledgeable and willing to teach me what I needed to know about buying jewelry without pushing me to go more expensive. I was treated very well and I left the store with an engagement ring that I'm positive will so do it's job! Mavilo has made a loyal customer out of me and is deserving of anyone's business!"

Nick P. "I recently bought a wonderful engagement ring at Mavilo…I visited a lot of different jewelers and Mavilo blew the rest out of the water… they stuck to my budget and found me something my fiance absolutely loves."

Chad P. "I spent countless hours researching engagement rings on-line and cheking out local stores until I found Mavilo…they helped me find the perfect diamond and setting in my price range… with their high-tech damond selection process… Thank you mavilo."

Bobby S. "I have been looking for engagement rings for over a month... I showed up at Mavilo...the variety and quality of everything was first class... I had a really great experience..."

Lauren K. "I have nothing but amazing things to say about Mavilo Wholesalers. My fiancé and I had gone to multiple jewelers in the Tampa Bay Area and we were given quotes for the ring I had dreamed of. After searching the other large jewelry stores and wholesalers, we frustrated and disappointed with the quality of diamonds we were seeing in our price range. We decided to stop by Mavilo Wholesalers to see what they could provide in our price range. We gave them our budget and we were blown away with the beautiful diamonds we were able to purchase! The quality and size of the diamonds were so much better then the other diamond/jewelry stores in the area. Also, Jolie was the best sales associate and jewelry designer. I described to her my dream engagement ring setting by pointing out details from different settings they had in the store and also pictures I had brought in. She made my my dreams come true! My engagement ring is amazing! There was no pressure to spend more, there was no extra cost for the design, and there was no extra cost for the custom setting. It was a great experience at Mavilo Wholesalers and I would recommend this jeweler to any couple that is looking for engagement rings or fine jewelry!"

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