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Online Statistics for Buying Diamonds


Online Statistics for Buying Diamonds


Online Statistics for Buying Diamonds



1. How can any jeweler look at thousands of diamonds - how does any jeweler know where the best diamonds are at the best prices without highly advanced technology - bottom line it's just plain impossible! Mavilo's advancements made for high level physical evaluation of diamonds go way beyond the human eye - As well the sourcing dynamics are so complex that without proprietary data mining software it's virtually impossible to source diamonds at the right price! See our Total Clarity video.

2. While others spend millions advertising Mavilo invested millions in developing advanced proprietary platforms that deliver proven quality and exceptional value - we are humbled to say that when given the opportunity over 70% of our diamond presentations lead to selling a diamond - Thank you!

3. Small one-person operations simply do not have the sourcing capabilities required today to compete regardless if they push low overhead.

4. Supply and Demand - Yes it's true prices do fluctuate according to supply and demand on certain shapes and qualityies it's very common knowledge in the industry - we evaluate our diamonds weekly - rest assured we price our diamonds according to lowest market price and not what we paid! Welcome to real time value!

5. If you walk into a store and they are trying to steer you away from GIA DIAMONDS that's because they make more money selling a Branded Diamond. Be aware it doesn't have the same market value - The only certificate that holds value globally for a diamond is GIA!!! Protect your investment!

6. Did you know that Rapaport (Not available to the public) is the diamond equivalent to blue book or black book - they consider only a few laboratories worthy of being considered in their market evaluation of diamonds - Don't go for diamonds that don't have GIA Certificates only.

7. It's good advice to focus on the actual attributes of the diamond itself, don't get caught up with distractions about financing or other guarantees that distract from the diamond's real value!

8. Long term 0% financing up to five years costs EVERY jeweler up to 20% of the transaction - it's just added to the price!

9. The greatest proof of confidence in price and quality is putting our diamonds online.


1. 98% of consumers when asked, knew nothing about additional significant characteristics that GIA does not evaluate or disclose on certifications. Our in-store App "Mavilo Think Tank" goes way beyond the 4C's and gives you complete clarity!

2. GIA Certifications are issued to identify a diamond not estimate it's beauty or price.


1. Our in-depth research has proven that online only diamond sites use no sophisticated quality assurance filters before posting diamonds on their sites - they will post anything regardless of quality! - check out our proprietary diamond fax certification that completely removes this concern.

2. 95% of consumers that shopped online based on price and certification only, did not buy a “prettier diamond”or get a better price.

3. Online sites only do not have phyiscal inventories to present - they do not purchase diamonds - they have no negotiating power with cutters - simply said they are often paying too much for the diamonds they are offering.

4. The “Pick of the Litter” Diamonds (about 80%) are purchased by dealers. The rest are uploaded to on-line sites and could have higher level issues that are unknown to consumers..

5. 95% of online diamond sites are not exclusively sourcing diamonds directly from cutters - they are accepting diamonds from any wholesaler that will provide inventory data for free - we only source diamonds directly from ethical cutters - no exceptions!!

6. Most online sites only are selling many different types of certified diamonds - be aware there could be a drastic difference in quality and price - Mavilo offers only premium GIA Certified diamonds.

7. Customer Quote: "The price looked better online but it wasn't once I learned that the DIAMOND wasn't the quality I thought it was..."


1. 92% of engagement ring diamond buyers preferred to buy in an environment where they could experience and see DIAMONDS side by side.

2. 85% of consumers said their decision on which diamond to buy was based on physically comparing diamonds side-by-side, and was not based on the certification alone.

3. 100% of gemologists surveyed said it would be impossible to appraise a diamond without physically seeing it first.


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