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mark oliva

Refinement is the ultimate inspiration and passion behind our collections at approachable price points.

Not everyone understands design not everyone is in tune with exactly what you envision but Mark gets it!! Passionate from a very young age with a natural sense instinct and refined style that expresses conservatism yet timeless elegance - he always gets his audience!

Although prefers to be much under the radar his designs have adorned some the most high profile people and well known celebrities as well as the young couple just beginning their life.

He shys away from credit or recognition because his ultimate reward is to remove the ego maintaining ultimate humilitaty so that instinctual creativity is never interfered with.

He has been deeply influenced by his faith, family, mentors, team, travels and his closest friends - he feels blessed beyond means!

This profoundly defines The Oliva Collection.

We covet our designs - many more options available exclusivily in store.